Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas decorated pails

I made these three pails for my mother and sisters-in-law.  I got the idea from an Archivers class.  You could use any paper, ink, etc.  I used chip board and embelishment that I had left over from other christmas project gifts.  I used Martha Stewart's scoring board to make the rosetta on the top. I bought the pails at Michaels for $2.99...good deal!!!! I also filled them with candy.  Happy Holidays.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Tin Notebook

I have seen these done so many times using so many different materials.  I have seen them made with seveal sized tins.  I used the gift card tin found at Michaels.  They are only a $1.00. You can paint, stamp, decorate, and cover any way you want.  I love them.  They are great gifts to give with a stationary set.  They are also good for coupons and grocery lists at the store. 

Make one for a friend!!!!!

Halloween Invite

I made these invitations for my daughter's Halloween party.  It was a blast. She had wonderful little friends over.  They enjoyed crafts, games, and snacks.  I love Halloween.  I really take time to try and make lots of crafts for my daughter and her class.  Happy Halloweeen!!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Get Posting!

I created this blog so I would force myself to take time out, participate in SCS and other challenges, and possible submit some art for design teams.  I have to take time out and enjoy the beauty of art and creativity.  Since my crafting space is now closely placed near my living room, I have to color coordinate my storage pieces.  This box I recently made used to hold sheets from Target.  It is a great size and hold lots of small supplies I frequently use.  I reuse lot of boxes, jars, and tins.  I also thought that since my blog was called The Crafter's Haven, I should show my crafting space.  Someday I will have a room. Until then here is my small space.  Welcome to my haven.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Under Construction!!!

Just started to create this blog...working out kinks. Stay tuned!